Caribbean Music Expo Limited/CME

Caribbean Music Expo Limited/CME is responsible for the presentation of the Caribbean's premier music business convention and trade show which features conferences, exhibits live performance...
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Original Red Alert

Paul Shaw, a.k.a Danger, started playing music in '88 on Cornwall Beach, Montego Bay. Better known as "Batman" in that time, he started out as a roadie, helping the selector from the sound....
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Strictly Vibes

Database Statistics : Reggae & Oldies Albums : 1624 Rub a Dub & DJ Albums : 250 Dub & Instrus Albums : 343 Singles : 6574 Labels : 1503 Sound Samples : 5012
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Cyrus Distribution

Cyrus Distribution specialises in one of the largest selection of musical products pertaining to reggae music. Cyrus products range from DVD, Video, CD & audio Cassettes. Videos & DVD can be...
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Island Drums

As we all can see,times are getting tougher and tougher. As Rasta bredrin, it is hard to not realize the need for history and teaching. One of the most fundamental idealogies of Rastafari is the...
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Neblina Sound

Update on music
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One Blood

One Blood originally started out as a Crew in 1996. The two founding members Stylee and Kulcha got busy with lots of appearances in Switzerland’s Roots Reggae Dances. With their wide-range...
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Rebel Liberation Sounds

Rebel Liberation Sounds was founded 24th August 2006 in (Githurai 45)Nairobi Kenyan by the Dj Take reggae addict Selector King Rebel. The name of Rebel Liberation" was found after weeks of search....
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Silver Star Sound

From London to Nairobi, Milan to Washington, Silver Star are one of the UK’s best known international DJs, bringing reggae dancehall to audiences far and wide. Previously broadcasting weekly on BBC...
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Small Axe Sound

Small Axe Sound is specialized in caribbean music such as Reggae, Dancehall & Soca – but also playing Hip Hop Classics and other Hits from way back till now. The sound is also well known for...
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Smoking Tuna

Smoking Tuna actually started in early1996 by Henryk a.k.a. “Henry Morgan” and “Mr.” Arnold who after playing and promoting hip hop for quite some years discovered the magic of reggae and dancehall...
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SOUND ARMADA is not a stranger in the Dutch soundbusiness. Playing out since 1998, Wilfman has been able to surprise the crowd with vibrant selections every single time. From obscure foundation...
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Supersonic Sound

Supersonic was founded in the summer of 1998 in Berlin, Germany, when Panza (Selector) recorded his first set of mix tapes. He soon started selecting on his own playing a few clubs in Berlin....
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Top Franking

DAS INTRO neckt - der Floor bebt: TUNE! YESSSS!! Die Wände wackeln immer noch vom letzten Killer-Riddim, die Trillerpfeifen schrillen ohrenbetäubend ihren Zuspruch und die Vibes sind elektrisch...
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