We are a leading integrated media Agency servicing a large and diverse clientele across North America & the Caribbean. We offer a suite of media,...

Blue Mountain Coffee

Jun 26, 2011

CafeBlue offers 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in whole beans and roasted groud, from the JABLUM and Wallenford Estates. Worldwide shipping,...

Spur Tree Spices

Mar 31, 2012

At Spur Tree Spices Jamaica Limited, we have been manufacturing “all in one” seasonings and sauces since 1996, using only the finest, fresh local...

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Business Services

Atlas Group Limited

Atlas Group Limited, a company providing a wide range of private security services, was incorporated by the Jamaican Registrar of Companies in 1980. A privately owned company, the Board of...
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Bogues Brothers Industries Ltd.

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CaribExchange is the leading provider of trade negotiation services and software in the Caribbean. Our solutions enable companies to increase profits by reducing purchasing costs, liquidating...
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Caribbean Storm Protection

Caribbean Storm Protection is the authorized dealer in Jamaica, Cayman Islands & Turks & Caicos for Hurricane security & defense. Armor Screen, Gallina, Madico, Atlantic and Talius products....
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IMCA Jamaica Limited

Welcome to IMCA Jamaica Limited Web Page
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Mostly, JETCO offers the most comprehensive range of trading services avaiable from any Jamaican company, but JETCO is also the culmination of years of experience in in importing and exporting....
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Loss Control Associates

Loss Control Associates is a Loss Prevention, Threat Management and Risk Mitigation Consultancy offering a range of Services and Training Programmes to Jamaica and the Caribbean.
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Tropex Distributors

Tropex will support you in your quest for the finest in tea and coffee service. We represent some of the leading manufacturers of Tea, Coffee and related equipment and accessories for the food...
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Welcome to the ZipLaw private members area where you gain access to all our statutes, cases, regulations, gazettes, legal news, legal directory and much more.
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MG Packaging and Paper Company

AMG Packaging and Paper Company was acquired and located in the Free Zone. There were twelve employees at that time. There was a General Manager, two supervisors, machine operators and laborers. At...
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Jamaica Packaging Industries Limited,

Jamaica Packaging Industries Limited, your One-Stop Packaging Centre. We are your supplier of choice for corrugated cartons within the manufacturing industry. We meet all your paper-packaging needs...
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