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Spur Tree Spices

Mar 31, 2012

At Spur Tree Spices Jamaica Limited, we have been manufacturing “all in one” seasonings and sauces since 1996, using only the finest, fresh local...

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capital solutions limited

capital solutions limited
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Feb 10, 2012 
Capital Solutions(Capsol) operates as a licenced securities dealer, financial advisor and Cambio. We provide investment management services as well as investment banking strategies. Corporate advisory services, alternative investments, real estate related investments, and telecommunications and payroll advances which are offered through our affiliates are additional dimensions to wealth management. Capital Solutions was founded to assist clients to protect and enhance what they have worked hard to create. Our primary responsibility is to provide professional, value added services. This involves identifying investment needs and preferences, securing mandates and providing the right wealth management services. Our wealth management business model is niche by choice, i.e. primarily high net worth individuals and companies, rather than broad market driven.

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